I can refresh these surfaces that can often look tired from the build up of dirt, algae and moss.

My driveway cleaning service offers solutions for any type of driveway including Lockblock, Concrete, Slabs,Tarmac and my quality equipment means I can safely tackle any surface. 

Using my High Pressure Surface Cleaner and Turbo Lance the process includes a full deep clean with the flat surface cleaner which reduces mess.

 This removes all surface dirt and algae from the driveway and any weeds between the joints, which is then followed by the use of a powerful nozzle which removes any left over moss or weeds, to tidy up around the edges. Finally a thorough rinse is requires. I always make sure to wash down any walls, windows, garage doors and I ensure the footpath and street are cleaned and clear of any debris caused by the cleaning process.

Lockblock driveways will need resanding (when dry) after cleaning, and any sealing treatments required can be discussed and included within the quotation.

Drag the arrow below on the image, up or down, to see a before and after.

So if you want to Get Clean Driveways or paths call 07591829019

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